What to Expect

This will be your journey in Human Cell Tissue Therapy. Listed below will be the start to finish process to a new life!


Let us walk you through the process of Human Cell Tissue Therapy
Consultation Appointment
This is where we meet you and talk about patient history and solutions to your health.  A thorough physical exam will be performed to gather more information and at that point a plan is set in motion.  
Report of Findings Appointment
During this appointment our Nurse Practitioner will go over with you all of the information gathered and present a plan of action. We will discuss if the IV and or injections are recommended, where injections will go and the volume of Human Cell Tissue Product needed. You will also receive specific instructions that lay out self care before, during and after Human cell Tissue Therapies.
After your visit with the Nurse Practitioner, and determining the procedures needed, you will then meet with our financial team to discuss the cost and payment options. We do offer financial plans at zero percent interest for qualified individuals. 
At this time you will also schedule your appointment for Human Cell Tissue Therapy.
Day of Human Cell Tissue Therapy
Arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. The procedure will take an estimated hour from start to finish unless otherwise indicated. The Nurse Practitioner will review the entire process and post HCT Therapy care thoroughly.
After your treatment you will schedule a follow-up appointment in 3 to 4 weeks time. Most patients go back to work with light activity the day of treatment. 

We want your Testimonies

We want to hear your success stories. Please write us or call us with your experience.
X-Cell Integrative Health is about helping you improve your function and enjoy a pain free life. We are excited to hear about your results.
Your testimony will help others to know this is the right thing to do,
and it is what restores hope to a better life for many young and old.
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