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Human Cell Tissue product Therapy


Regenerative Human Cell Tissue Product have changed the lives of many.

Here are a few testimonies.

Roger H. 2019 Patient

After having my injections, I have had relief from the pain in my ankle that was due to arthritic spur cutting into the cartilage. Since the HCT injection my ankle is returning to normal. I also I am returning to my normal shoes without inserts.

Jeff V. 2019 Patient

After overcoming ankle and knee surgery, I was faced with shoulder surgery which I did not want to go through another surgery. After much thought and research I decided to try Human Cell Tissue injections in both shoulders instead of surgery. "I am so happy with the results!" I can now wash my hair with both hands and sleep at night without being in such terrible pain. The combination of Chiropractic care and the Human cell Tissue has made it to where I can return to work full time and enjoy my life again. Thank you Dr. Steve for all you have done!

Mary S. 2019 Patient

"I chose HCT regenerative therapy over replacement therapy to let my body regenerate naturally. So far at week eight, I no longer take aspirin or any other anti inflammatory medications. I’m able to work at rehabilitating my muscles and connective tissue 
which before I was in too great of pain to even attempt it. I can definitely feel a change! Looking forward to my progress in the next couple of months."

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